2 and 2.5D CNC Cutting Machines — EPS , XPS and other Foam based materials


All machines are made from high-quality materials (Aluminium and Inox 304), designed to be compact with vertical cutting and low electricity consumption. Works in high resolution.
The controller has a graphic display and cuts directly from a CD card (no computer is needed to operate the machine). We also offer free software (Windows, Mac Os) for designing, importing, and exporting files to our machines.
SVG, DXF, JPEG, PDF, etc. are welcome for cutting.
Add-on and pre-cut simulation software. Easy to load cutting material. Compact design. All moving parts are bearing. Encoders on the Stepper Motors are optional and can be added on request

– New models for 2 and 2.5D cutting (X,Y,Z). Cuts material up to 120 cm thick
– Added a new Automatic expansion correction mechanism for the heater.

We have different models:
Foam Pro v.1240x590x170 mm rev.320
Foam Pro v.1230x580x140 mm rev.320
Foam Pro v. 980x680x140 mm
Foam Pro 2 and 2.5D v.1230x700x700-2400€+
– Versions with X encoder

Version number = workspace
Design of models with the working area as desired.